Photo near to Culcreuch Castle near to Stirling Scotland • ©2005 david bamford


Welcome to, a small personal site for the Bamford's. The contents of this site are entirely personal
and outside of our friends and family would probably bore you to tears. So if you know us, (and you know who
you are) feel free to click through to more. If you think you know me feel free to start a chat below.

Over the years one of my favourite passtimes have been to document our visits, travel and at times our homes
in different parts of the world. Although there are surely more professional panoramas, there are none more
personal to me. All panos as I call them were done with a simple Canon S70 digital camera with the bundled
stitching software. The JPG's were then imported into Flash MX and delivered as a swf file. To see some of
these images please visit my Pano site. Thanks for your interest*